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Turbine Bolting

Turbine Bolting of all grades have been supplied by ROMCO for many years. We make bolting in High Nickel Alloy in many sizes and thread designations.  eg: BSW Whitworth, Metric and UNF\UNC callouts.

A few of the Turbine Bolting parts that we supply are:

Steam Turbine studs ~ Gas Turbine Bolting ~ Split Line Studs ~ Body Bolts ~ Marriage Bolts
Windage Nuts
Inconel Bolting
Turbine Bolting
Balance Weights

High temp metals are our specialty. 
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Since 1975 ROMCO has always been a precision parts supplier to many industries such as power generation, aerospace, defense, medical and food processing. Each of these industries have many facets which are essential to daily infrastructure related processes critical to the United States and other countries.

ROMCO plays a small part in each of these industries which is considered “essential”.

ROMCO remains online, operational and available for ROMCO customers throughout these industries.

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