Hastelloy Seals

We precision machine Hastelloy Seals (Circular Seals or Dogbone Seals) to your specifications.

Image of Shroud Block Seals

HastX Seals

Need Them In A HURRY ??
We make seals to fit all kinds of machines including Hastelloy seals for Seimens Westinghouse and G.E. Turbines. Whether you need Hastelloy Seals in standard sizes in a hurry or modified seals, think ROMCO. Since we machine them in-house, Common or uncommon sizes and shapes are no problem for us.

Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

Since 1975 ROMCO has always been a precision parts supplier to many industries such as power generation, aerospace, defense, medical and food processing. Each of these industries have many facets which are essential to daily infrastructure related processes critical to the United States and other countries.

ROMCO plays a small part in each of these industries which is considered “essential”.

ROMCO remains online, operational and available for ROMCO customers throughout these industries.

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