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Romco Part #OEM Part #Description
RM06-507931848J41020 Seal, R1 Inner
RM06-507941848J41019 Seal, R1 Outer
RM06-507961848J41022 Seal, R1 Pin
RM08-509491848J41021 Seal, R1 Diamond
RM10-513094211C90001 Plate, Torque Retainer
RM10-513174193C90903 Nut, Hex M12
RM10-513211851J81003 Plate, Retaining
RM10-513564211C20001 Bolt, Special, Vane Seg Torque
RM10-513714211C78002 Screw, Skt, Retainer
RM11-51598202T387001 Liner Block
RM11-516834211C23001 Screw, M10, FH, Special
RM12-519421851J06G04 Isolation Segment Reg #1-1
RM12-519431851J06G01 Isolation Segment #1-2
RM12-519441851J06G02 Isolation Segment #1-3
RM12-519451851J06G03 Isolation Segment Reg #1-4
RM12-519461851J06G05 Isolation Segment #2
RM13-522981851J81016 Pin, Torque, ID
RM13-522991851J81014 Pin, Torque, R1 Flg
RM13-523004211C23002 Screw, FHSC, Special
RM13-523011851J81004 Lug, Tombstone
RM13-523034211C79017 Screw, Hex Cap, M12
RM13-523071851J81006 Plate, Upper Retainer
RM13-523081851J81005 Plate, Lower Retainer
RM13-523097880D85005 Screw, Skt Cap M6
RM13-523107938D54006 Dowel, Pillow, M19
RM13-523117919D48003 Screw, Skt, M12
RM13-523121851J09001 Key, Blade Ring
RM13-523137919D39010 Screw, Skt, M20
RM13-523142347C89036 Nut, Extension, 2"
RM13-52315363B412013 Washer, 2" Nitride
RM13-523164211C24005 Stud, Dowel, 2-1/4
RM13-523173004B05005 Screw, Stop, 3/4
RM13-523183004B05007 Screw, Stop End
RM13-523194211C78025 Screw, Skt, M16
RM13-523201851J81G01 Baffle Segment R1
RM13-523211754D64058 Stud, 2-1/2", Blade Ring
RM13-52322363B412015 Washer, 2-1/2" Nitride
RM13-523232347C91041 Nut, 2-1/2" Extension
RM13-523241851J75001 Plate, Step Support (RH)
RM13-523251851J75002 Plate, Step Support (LH)
RM13-523264211C14002 Bolt, Locator
RM13-523274211C22001 Plug, Iso

Since 1975 ROMCO has always been a precision parts supplier to many industries such as power generation, aerospace, defense, medical and food processing. Each of these industries have many facets which are essential to daily infrastructure related processes critical to the United States and other countries.

ROMCO plays a small part in each of these industries which is considered “essential”.

ROMCO remains online, operational and available for ROMCO customers throughout these industries.

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