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Romco Part #OEM Part #Description
RM11-51592627C175016Screw, Skt 1/2" aka 2346C26016
RM11-515922346C26016Screw, Skt Cap for BR Seg Lug
RM11-515932334C25001Lug, BR Seg (Cap Screw)
RM11-515962331C24001KEY (RH)
RM11-515972331C23001KEY (LH)
RM11-516282345C50036SCREW -SKT CAP JOINT .750
RM11-516293005B63014SCREW .250
RM11-516302344C55005DOWEL -PILLOW (SHORT)
RM11-516322345C53072Joint Screw, Socket Cap
RM11-516512334C31G01Borescope Cap
RM11-51652248T243001Spring, Borescope Cap
RM11-516532334C29001Plunger, Borescope
RM11-51655237T061001Nut, T/C Guide R4
RM11-51657237T063002Pin, T/C Guide Brkt R4
RM11-51660239T660001Plate,Retaining R2, R3, R4
RM11-516611721D34001Pin, Torque
RM11-516622351C11001Screw, Retaining
RM11-516644220C26002Spring, Compression Face Seal
RM11-516654220C26001Retainer, Seal Face Spring
RM11-51667460B508006Nut, Face Seal Retainer
RM12-517522349C57025Stud, 1 1/4" Dowel
RM12-517532348C62020Nut, Skt Hex
RM12-51787363B412006Washer, Flat, Nitrited
RM12-51789871C212020Screw, Skt 1/2"
RM12-517902334C30G02T/C Guide R3
RM12-517912334C38001Bracket, T/C Guide R3

Since 1975 ROMCO has always been a precision parts supplier to many industries such as power generation, aerospace, defense, medical and food processing. Each of these industries have many facets which are essential to daily infrastructure related processes critical to the United States and other countries.

ROMCO plays a small part in each of these industries which is considered “essential”.

ROMCO remains online, operational and available for ROMCO customers throughout these industries.

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